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About A-SUB One Stop Solution

For more than 20 years, we’ve been a trusted supplier to the personalization, awards, engraving, signage and display markets. Whether you do sublimation, heat transfer, laser or rotary engraving, vinyl, or UV-LED printing, we’ve got the blanks and supplies to help you grow your business

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Why To Be A-SUB Distributor

One-Stop Subliamtion Solution

Sublimation paper, ink & T-shirt transfer paper

Product Set

Advanced vision, step ahead the market ; Quality serves the brand as the core motto.

Compact QC Strategy

Personalized customization of printing

Compact QC Strategy

Quality serves the brand as the core motto.

MOQ 50 Boxes Only for Trial Orders

Recruiting for partner, work together to create a professional, innovative and personalized market, first order 50 boxes.

Shipping Service

Visualized shipping service; feed-back following strategy, provide the distributor with the most efficient stocking and sales plan in time

Chance To Be The Exclusive Distributor

Miss the chance,miss the fortune. ExclusiveAgent,be one step ahead

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Our Customer Say

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Asub is the third dye sublimation paper supplier I have cooperated with. Great! It solved the big problem pizza wheel mark that annoyed our clients most. Thanks A-sub team.
Damion Benjamin
Personalized Designer
It is not easy for me to swap my supplier to asub as a first attempt, but it turned out great. Satisfied with the durability and colors accuracy of the paper itself. my clients speak highly of it, like to work with Asub continuously.
Howard Chavez​
Sublimation Studio
As a professional supplier working this filed for years, asub 125g is the chocie suits me well, for my buyers prefer the fine look of the vivid color with line shrpness on aluminum plate. will place more orders for their needs.much appreciated.
Aisha Nelson ​
Craft Designer


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